How to stand out at TechCrunch Disrupt

Next week Discoperi team is heading to San Francisco to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt 2018. We are extremely excited and can’t wait to present System ‘Eye’ device for the very first time and show how it works to the tech community.

Our Location: Mobility powered by Here Technologies, Booth C105

Traveling across the world for the last two years and pitching Discoperi and System ‘Eye’, we have learned some valuable lessons and we are glad to share them with our colleagues today.

1. Contact journalists and investors

Once you’ve decided you are coming to TechCrunch Disrupt start your intense ground game immediately and go to everybody you can reach to share that you’ll be at the event. Tell them who you are, what you’re showing and why it’s unique. Make your calendar full of meetings with journalists, investors, and experts who could become your advisors. Disrupt is your best chance to have a real talk with the tech leaders.

2. Make eye contact

One of the most common mistakes almost everyone makes is standing with your back to the aisle. No one will see you and the worst thing — you will see no one. Remember how disparately you wanted to pitch your startup story to WSJ editor or Business Insider reporter. Now imagine, that most probably they will be at Disrupt and you can actually talk to them and introduce yourself and your company. This is the best way to reach out to journalists and get them interested in your project.

Another great opportunity is to find your next investor. Make eye contact with everybody who comes along and if you see their eyes are intrigued come up to talk with them and invite them to your stand. Be ready to make a conversation either they look interested or bored, prepare to answer questions, make sure you learned your pitch backward and forward.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Disrupt is very noisy. Last year, TechCrunch gathered over 5,000 attendees. Probably, your stand will be next to lots of other prominent startups. If you want to be heard and noticed, you have to rise above the crowd with fewer words, not more.

Putting your startup’s idea or solution in one succinct sentence will show prospective investors the essence of the business and possible opportunities.

4. Make a perfect pitch

We already know that time is everything and you have to put the most distinguishable features of the product in front of your words. As mentioned above, you should know your pitch from A to Z. But what really makes it work for you?

A pitch should always include three major pieces:

  • Who you are and what you do (7–10 seconds)
  • What differentiates you, your innovation (10–15 sec)
  • What is your story, your team or how you implement/monetize, use cases

The audience at Disrupt is interested in working with innovations, funding and acquiring it.

Prove that your solution is revolutionary, has no direct competitors or will outstand with undeniable advantages.

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IoT Devices Market: Facts & Stats

We have already developed a smart IoT device System ‘Eye’ for vehicles but still keep looking for possible upgrades and updates. Our platform constantly evolves and we want to move it forward even faster. Being deeply involved in the automotive industry, we daily track the IoT news, predictions, and stats from other markets and keep up with the latest technologies and inventions.

Today we are going to share a few of the most important facts and news about the Internet of Things to give a better understanding of the market at large.

According to the stats below, if compared to 2015 spending on Internet of Things worldwide by 2020 will be increased by far.

An American worldwide consulting agency McKinsey reports that the market of IoT can reach an annual economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion by 2025 across different sectors, such as plants, smart cities, retail and rental industry, health and insurance, etc.

Such a tremendous growth in the IoT market can be explained by the increase in cloud platforms adoption and its cost-effective services (up to 35% of the annual cost).

IoT for Automotive Corporations

Currently, the United States is the leader in IoT projects for car manufacturing with 54% of projects worldwide, while Europe and Asia Pacific region keep the share of 30% and 12% respectively.

Harley Davidson shifted production to a fully IoT-enabled plant and grew overall profitability by 3% to 4%, reduced operating costs to $200 million and increased production efficiency.

Rolls-Royce uses IoT to increase the fuel efficiency of jet engines, optimize flight paths, and improve maintenance. Attaining a 1% reduction in fuel usage translates to a cost savings of $250,000 per plane, per year.

Royal Dutch Shell realized a $1 million return on an $87,000 investment in a remote IoT-based asset monitoring and maintenance solution that tracks activity across 80 oil fields in West Africa.

IoT projects worth mentioning

A provider of market insights for the Internet of Things, IoT Analytics has found quite a few notable projects based on IoT.

  • Experts at St Andrews University in Scotland uses smart telemetry tagswith NB-IoT technology to track the movement of seals and learn why seal populations are in decline.
  • In North America, tornado monitoring solutions save lives with predictive alerts for residents in danger zones.
  • Smogmobile (London) contains IoT sensors that can measure greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane, Ozone, nitrogen dioxide that are known to have a detrimental impact on health.
  • NASA uses Robonauts to test air quality in space.

The major players in the automotive IoT market

You may not know that, but the biggest global corporations have been employing IoT for many years. Just to name a few:

At TechCrunch DisruptDiscoperi will present its IoT device — System ‘Eye’ — for the very first time. Attendees of the show will be the first to see how it works and how it can be integrated into vehicles.

If you plan to visit the conference, don’t forget to meet us there or book a meeting with Alex Bondarenko.

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System ‘Eye’: First look at a smart IoT device that prevents car crashes

Last week, we have finally received a new prototype device for System ‘Eye’. As we expected, it looks neat and it’s hard to believe that a tiny device like ours can contain a powerful intelligent platform. Nevertheless, as you can see from the photo above, System ‘Eye’ looks just like a driving video recorder, although it’s so much more than that.

Many of our ambassadors and early adopters ask what exactly a smart System ‘Eye’ device will contain. So far, we can disclose only its major components.

System ‘Eye’ includes an 8 MP video camera that records the data while a car is on move and a super high-powered processor that could process, store and transfer the data to the cloud and share it across the ecosystem. instantly.


The device’s camera has a viewing angle of 120° and supports Full HDresolution (1920×1080) and 30 FPS (frame rate per second). To make it possible to store, share, and transfer the data across the community, we use 3G/4G/5G network connection protocols with a lightning speed of 150MB/s.

The processor unit is embedded with a complex end-to-end platform that is based on continuously evolving and self-learning AI algorithms and a big data analytics tool. Also, System ‘Eye’ contains a decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV), which means that all cars are connected in a single network and are able to exchange the data points among each-other. Thanks to our a fast short message protocol (FSMP), we can do that in a very organic and low cost way.

Discoperi Blockchain Protocol (DBP), which we build together with a prominent research institution (more details would come soon in our official press release) allows us to add to System ‘Eye’ a new functionality for automotive data monetization. A regular driver will get paid with our native DISC tokens for the important information he supplied to the System.and a blockchain-based network protocol. Thereby, a driver can make his trip safer, positively contribute to the community and make an extra buck.

Why do we combine all these technologies?

While the camera is recording everything that happens on a road, our intelligent system identifies and analyzes all events (speeding, parking) and participants (cars, bicycles, pedestrians). After incoming data is processed, the system predicts future events and alerts drivers. Multiple protocols allow drivers and third-party devices to collect and monetize data within the community. Based on bBlockchain allows our, our solution to eliminates the tiniest possibility of data manipulation, fraud or hiding.

System ‘Eye’ device has 45 mm in height, 55 mm in width and 70 mm in length. It weighs only 245 grams and can fit in a hand.


It will be shipped with a standard guarantee of 1 year, but there are no worries about its quality as we use the best durable materials and monitor manufacturers to keep up with the product requirements.

In the future, and we maintain these discussions already, smartphone manufacturers will supply devices powerful enough to deal with System ‘Eye’ strong requirements. Hence, a buyer will have a choice: to purchase a new device or a new powerful smartphone or both devices to enjoy the full user experience with System ‘Eye’.

No matter how good System ‘Eye’ looks now, we are still working on it and believe that there is always room for perfection. We keep testing and upgrading the system, its algorithms, and the hardware.

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Why we are not afraid of competitors

We create a solution that has never been seen before. Get this: we offer an IoT device that is based on AI algorithms, big data analytics tool, blockchain, and a few more network protocols to connect all members in an ecosystem in the fastest and most secure way possible.
Breaking new ground always requires spending more time and resources on building a strategy, product development, educating the team, investors, and most importantly, the community. Hence, we decided to concentrate all energy on the strategy and the product rather than competitors racing.

We don’t compete, we cooperate

So far, there are no similar solutions that we know of that could compete with System ‘Eye’. However, our main purpose is to increase safety on the roads and reduce the number of car crashes. That’s why we constantly communicate with indirect competitors and find new market players to see how we can improve the product and people’s lives together.

Keep an eye on the market

Knowledge is power. It’s important to determine a circle of interests you could benefit from.
For us, it would be new automotive technologies (teen driver limitations, adaptive cruise control, rear-cross traffic alert), self-driving cars and how they strive to conquer the market, video recording devices, vehicle security systems.

The sky is the limit

Don’t chase the roadmap of your competitors. Imagine that one day the company you’re looking up to goes out of business, pivot to a different space or worse, goes bankrupt. Stick to your ideas, goals, plans, and perspectives. Otherwise, you will end up limiting your product to already existing solutions.

No time for complacency

Our roadmap speaks volumes. From this point of view, we don’t have time for fear of competition that can act not as an accelerator but as a real bottleneck. We plan to build a complex solution that could prevent car accidents and save lives on the roads by simply notifying drivers on potentially danger elements. Also, we are to offer traffic data monetization so that drivers could store and share their information which now is only accessible to car manufacturers.
That means we should put all our energy, time and efforts in evolving the platform. Our smart device has much to learn to make predictions faster and more accurate.

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Top 5 reasons why startups participate in conferences

Tomorrow, Discoperi team will attend Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the world’s largest gathering of blockchain startups, experts, and enthusiasts. For us, it is an opportunity to showcase System ‘Eye’ to the participants and investors and discuss how we can improve our lives with the blockchain technology.

During 2018, we plan to participate in at least 10 events. You might ask what’s the point of spending the budget on traveling around the world, if we could invest it in the product development. However, for a startup at its early stage, it is critical to have an opportunity to showcase its product, meet like-minded people, receive feedback and share experience.

Our CEO Alex Bond (Alex Bondarenko) believes that startups should understand why they spend time on conferences:

“The only purpose to attend open and public events is getting funded. You’re too virgin to show up just for the sake of showing up. You’re not in the position where you can throw money (as most probably you’re far away from the revenue). Go there and attract funds. Be realistic with yourself.”

Here are our top 5 reasons to participate in events.

Pitch System ‘Eye’

Occasionally, we give a speech at different events and our CEO Alex Bondarenko shares our vision and values. Alex knows how to send the message and explain how System ‘Eye’ greatly changes the way we act on the roads and how we can monetize traffic data for ourselves instead of giving it away to car manufacturers.

Find investors

It is no secret that young startups constantly seek new investments, and we are no different. System ‘Eye’ is a complex high-tech platform that requires continuous developing of its evolving AI algorithmsbig data analytics tool, and enhancing a blockchain-based network protocol. Beyond that, our marketing activities grow exponentially as we want to get more people to know about the product.

Exchange experience

At conferences, we often meet founders of companies that have already been through all the stages of development and share their ups and downs. Although our team is a conglomerate of experienced soldiers, we still have a lot to learn. We can’t avoid all the mistakes on our way, but we can get prepared for a majority of them.


Being among the top prominent entrepreneurs, we have a chance to meet new potential partners, investors and recruit high-potential employees. Also, we strive to get in touch with media representatives and get discovered on various news channels to attract more followers and supporters. Hence, we make connections beforehand and set up meetings with journalists to discuss media opportunities and reveal more details on the product face-to-face.

Get inspired

One of the biggest challenges we experience so far is focusing on the road safety and technologies that can help us solve the current situation. It’s important to expand our boundaries and inspire the team with new sources and ideas every so often. Business events help us be aware of what’s going on in the world and find more enthusiasts who hold the same views as ours.

Our team along with Alex Bondarenko has already set up a few promising meetings with potential partners at DIBS that will be held at Atlantis the Palm — one of the most gorgeous places in UAE. Beside that, Alex will give a speech and talk about System ‘Eye’ sharing the story behind its creation with the blockchain community.

The conference is expected to host over 5000 delegates.

Don’t forget to book a meeting with Alex Bondarenko.

Can’t wait to meet you there and bring more news!

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