Discoperi successfully finished Startupbootcamp Commerce Acceleration program in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 30 May 2019Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, the leading global startup growth program organized its Commerce Accelerator Demo Day on the 28th of May 2019. Twelve startups, with founders from 9 different nationalities (Netherlands, Italy, UK, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, and Brazil amongst others), pitched the results of the three months of acceleration to an audience of 250 commerce experts, investors and corporate partners at the headquarters of Rabobank in Utrecht. So far, the startups already raised commitments of more than 1 million euro during the program.

The journey of the 12 teams started in February when they were selected out of 417 applicants worldwide from 51 countries. Throughout the program in Amsterdam, the teams were mentored by a network of leading executives and investors, and received support from Startupbootcamp Commerce program partners, such as AWS, PwC, America Today, Capgemini, Ingenico, Typeqast, and Rabobank, as well as exposure at the major conferences – The Next Web Amsterdam and VivaTech Paris.

Discoperi successfully finished the program. The final of the program was a Demo Day, where together with other 11 startups, participating in the program, Discoperi showcased its vision on automotive industry future and presented System Eye device. As a results of the performance, Discoperi received several requests from the leading international transportation groups and several tech partners.

Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi, said about the program: “It has been a real pleasure and great value, obtained during the program. We managed to spur our business activity in the region and currently have 15 proof-of-concept planned for later this or beginning of the next year. We managed to build relationships with our future investors. SBC was very supportive and we highly recommend other startups to join it in the future.”

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Discoperi participated in Impact Connected Cars Accelerator Program

Madrid, March 2019. Discoperi participated in IMPACT Connected Car, acceleration led by ISDI and by FundingBox. Among other top selected startups, Discoperi presented its vision on automotive industry perspectives and showed up the way the company sees System Eye as a tool in solving main global safety challenges. A full week filled with mentorship, coaching, networking and best practices from the top mobility performers (among others, FIA, CTAG, Tuenti, Ontruck, etc.). The program will allow Discoperi to strengthen its technical expertise and proceed with System Eye release.

Alex Bondarenko, Founder  & CEO of Discoperi: “Impact Connected Car program is a unique initiative by European Commission, ISDI and FundingBox. The essence of the program is to get upgraded, especially from a technological perspective. This is super important for a product and technology-oriented startups in mobility space. We are very happy that Discoperi is a part of it”.

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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Selects Discoperi To Join Its Commerce Growth Accelerator

Amsterdam, January 31st, 2019. Discoperi, a startup company, which develops solutions in the field of machine learning, AI, big data and blockchain for automotive and advertising industries joins Startupbootcamp Commerce, the leading global startup and scaleup accelerator program focusing on commerce industry. Along with 11 other international startups, Discoperi will take part in its 2019 program in Amsterdam.

Discoperi has taken part in an intense screening process at Startupbootcamp Selection Days with 21 other international startups in front of mentors and partners and the Startupbootcamp managing team at PwC HQ in the Netherlands on 29th and 30th of January. Discoperi was chosen out of 400+ applications during a 4-month international scouting period when the startups went through a rigorous selection for their chance to join the next accelerator cohort. They will directly benefit from the strategic support of the corporate partners, industry leaders, mentors and investors of the program, and the Startupbootcamp network.

Discoperi will go through an intense 3-month acceleration program in Amsterdam that will start on 27th of February and will end with the Demo Day in front of hundreds of influencers, mentors, partners, and investors on 28th May 2019.

Ernst Hoestra, Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Commerce program, commented: “The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands is thriving, and we are happy to be bringing the 11 most promising commerce and transaction companies to Amsterdam to have them working directly with our team, corporate partners, mentors, and investors. Selected startups are operating on the verge of Logistics Solutions, Security & Fraud, AI, Data & Behavioral Analytics, Ad & Marketing Solutions, Sales Tech and Retail Tech industries. They will now have the opportunity to test, iterate and scale their ventures both locally and globally. We are glad to have Discoperi joining the program as well.

Alex Bondarenko, CEO of Discoperi: “We bring unique technologies for the automotive thanks to our “System Eye” and advertising fields, thanks to our unique and super-cool AI visual recognition tools. We shall not be satisfied with that. It’s just a beginning.”

About Startupbootcamp

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is an award-winning global network of industry-focused acceleration programs. With 20+ programs in Europe, Asia, North & South America, MENA & Africa, selected startups gain access to the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry. For more information visit: http://www.startupbootcamp.org

The selected 11 startups for Startupbootcamp Commerce program are:

Discoperi  (Ukraine) – Discoperi develops AI to solve main challenges in automotive, advertising, FMCG and insurance industries, by applying innovative recognition technology for image, voice and persons.

Eldurado (Germany) – Digitizing procurement processes for indirect goods with inorder – inorder maps all procurement processes simply, modularly and digitally.

Epiqur (Turkey) – Epiqur provides live streaming solutions with HQ audio by its integrated hardware and software.

FWDpay (Netherlands) –  Enabling others to transact via SMART Direct Debits.

High Profile Club (UK) –  A Tech PR platform that connects entrepreneurs with the media.

Paywith.glass (UK) – paywith.glass is a universal mobile payments platform meant to allow the world to utilize its money in any shape or form with any conceivable entry point or application.

Vimma (UK) – Vimma is an AI-enabled platform that allows marketers to use individual’s social media posts as high-performance social ads.

Ubique (Italy) – BIT DELIVERY – Anywhere, everywhere.

Waitrr (Singapore) – Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments platform that creates a seamless dining experience for guests and increases profitability for restaurant partners.

Weareeves (Netherlands) – The first social beauty network. Less filters and more honesty, share real beauty secrets with friends.

Stripo (USA) –  Drag-n-Drop and HTML email template builder for individuals, teams and SaaS.

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System ‘Eye’ to reduce traffic damage and increase GDP globally

Discoperi, one of the most dynamic startups in the automotive industry, has developed a unique IoT device — System ‘Eye’ — that is to predict and prevent car collisions. If adopted globally, System ‘Eye’ can reduce crashes by up to 25% and save up to 1% of World GDP.

Car accidents — anything from a minor scratch to fatal cases — occur about every 30 seconds. With US $80,684 trillion global GDP in 2017, car crashes take US $518 billion costing individual countries 1-2% of their annual GDP. 2-6% of global GDP is money spent on traffic inefficiencies. Founder and CEO of Discoperi Alex Bondarenko believes that System ‘Eye’ is able to not only save lives but also to grow economic health saving up to 1% of World GDP.

System ‘Eye’ is an intelligent video control system based on AI algorithms, big data, a blockchain-based network protocol and the decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV). Installed on the windshield of any vehicle, this IoT device captures traffic data (road situations, vehicles characteristics, driving behavior), predicts possible crashes and informs drivers about potentially hazardous conditions.

Alex Bondarenko says: “System ‘Eye’ is a real catch for everyone who somehow deals with vehicles. Fleets, car rentals, car sharing, insurance companies, driving schools, municipalities, police. The options are unlimited.” Discoperi insists on making drivers’ interests and safety the top priority and aims to build a fully-decentralized global community. With a cloud-based Data-Transaction-Platform (DTP) allowing ecosystem members to transact securely their data with each other, it’s possible for drivers to decide which data to share with whom.

Discoperi has already gained multiple prizes for its automobile safety solution based on the blockchain technology winning awards at the Top-15 best Spanish startups at ICEX, Top-20 automotive startups at Ford Motor Co, Top-50 innovative startups at The New York Venture Summit, and more.

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System ‘Eye’ – a smart solution to reduce the number of fatal vehicle accidents

Discoperi, a leading startup in the automotive industry, has developed System ‘Eye’ an intelligent IoT device that can identify and prevent car collisions and significantly increase the safety of drivers and passengers.

Rates related to road traffic fatalities are frightening and the growing number of vehicles every year shows that the situation is not likely to be improved. Even the safest cars and experienced drivers cannot be saved from an accident. To fight this problem, Discoperi has created a smart device called System ‘Eye’ that scans roads and traffic, predicts possible turns of events and warns drivers about accidents.

The device is based on artificial intelligence, big data, the blockchain technology, and the decentralized network of connected vehicles, so that it could capture and transfer data to the cloud and share it across the community. System ‘Eye’ can recognize road conditions (location, road signs and lights, weather, traffic), vehicle credentials (type, brand, color, speed), and drivers’ behavior (speeding, breaking, overtaking, parking).

Discoperi CEO Alex Bondarenko says: “System ‘Eye’ can warn a driver that a car in front of him is driving dangerously fast and should be avoided. We built multiple protocols which allow drivers to benefit from the data collected by their own car and also from the other cars. More importantly, we designed a solution that is based on blockchain. That means there is no room for data manipulation, fraud or hiding. So far, there is no similar solution offered on the market.”

With this disruptive solution, Discoperi has already earned several awards being recognized at the Top-15 best Spanish startups at ICEX, the Top-20 automotive startups at Ford Motor Co, the Top-50 innovative startups at The New York Venture Summit, and more.

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Discoperi to decrease the number of car accidents by 25%

One of the most promising automotive startups Discoperi has created a unique solution System “Eye” that aims to increase the drivers’ safety and significantly reduce the number of car accidents worldwide thanks to AI-algorithms and blockchain technology.

The automotive industry grows at an accelerated pace and its data is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion in value by 2030. Devoted solely to increasing the drivers’ safety on the roads, Discoperi aims to save 300,000 lives annually and reduce the number of car accidents by 25%.

System “Eye” is an intelligent IoT device that combines evolving deep-machine learning AI algorithms, big data analytics and a cloud-based Data-Transaction-Platform (DTP). Based on the blockchain technology, “Eye” allows ecosystem members to transact their data with each other in a secure, transparent, and confidential way.

Discoperi CEO Alex Bondarenko says: “System “Eye” with all the data can identify the vehicles characteristics, recognize driving behavior and predict possible accidents. This tiny device is able to decrease the number of people injured in car accidents by 15 million annually, if adopted globally.

Disoperi team has already won multiple awards across the globe including the Top-50 high-potential startups at G-Startup, Tel Aviv, and the Top-50 innovative startups of the world at The New York Venture Summit.

Discoperi maintains business relations with many prominent international companies, and is looking to expand its cooperation with governmental institutions, regional businesses, and OEMs to improve drivers’ safety.

About Discoperi:

Discoperi, Inc. is a leading startup in the automotive industry that has developed a blockchain-based solution called System “Eye” for vehicles data collection & monetization as well as AI-based solutions for drivers’ safety improvement & accident prevention. System “Eye” combines a powerful IoT device, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV).

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