Discoperi completes the first phase of funding

We are glad to announce that Discoperi has closed its first investment round. The funding was led by FinForge.vc, a leading international crypto lab, connecting smart money with ambitious blockchain projects.

According to Yaroslav Tonkovidov, CIO at Finforge: “Discoperi represents the type of project we are interested in. You typically expect their technology to become real in 10+ years, however, thanks to their focus, immersive passion and commitment, we expect them to deliver it within a much shorter time and disrupt the automotive & blockchain markets in a very positive way through partnerships and world-leading technology. Discoperi shares crypto world principles and represents a “Robin Hood concept”, similar to the one, which is behind Bitcoin. Tired of the lack of transparency in the automotive industry, the company found a way of gathering drivers for a bigger purpose, which is automotive data ownership, sharing, and monetization. Thanks to this vision, we expect to see a transformation in the automotive industry using BlockChain technology”.

Alex Bondarenko, Founder & CEO of Discoperi: “We are delighted to work with FinForge. Over the past 2 years we received quite a few offers, but with FinForge we found the right fit, with a great team, which fully shares our vision and is always ready to help, expertise both in crypto and VC worlds, and an attitude which resonates with our internal mission. Our blockchain protocol, together with the vision of returning data ownership to the driver through partnerships and in-house development, it poised to revolutionize the automotive industry”.

This funding will allow Discoperi to continue working on the blockchain protocol solutions for automotive data collection and monetization, as well as drivers’ safety improvement and accident prevention.

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