Discoperi goes for ICO: How to invest in the most progressive automotive startup

The time has come. On October 17, Discoperi launches an ICO to accelerate its progress and activities, build up a global driving community, and prepare a foundation for the upcoming Discoperi roll-out.

Ready to go? See our short step-by-step guide and follow the instructions to buy DISC tokens:

Discoperi’s token DISC will be distributed at $0.0010 per token. This token will be used to reward drivers for the valuable data they collect. Corporate clients (e.g. insurance companies, governments, etc.) will use DISCs for purchasing traffic data and evidence of accidents. This will be a holistic ecosystem where DISC token is an integral part.

The ICO will transpire into 3 stages: Private Presale, Public Presale, and Public Sale. The main purpose of setting up different stages of the ICO is to provide equal opportunities for different types of participants to support Discoperi. We have a soft cap of $5 million across the various phases of the ICO and a hard cap of $50 million. During the entire ICO, there will be a referral bonus of up to 10%.

All our supporters can join Discoperi’s great adventure and take part in reducing car accidents worldwide. Although there are certain requirements that shall be in place for an individual to participate in the ICO:

  • at least 18 years old
  • have a full capacity to contract under applicable law
  • conduct transactions with the Discoperi ICO only with legally-obtained funds that belong to the participant
  • does not participate in furthering, performing, undertaking, engaging in aiding, or abetting any unlawful activity

Why we are launching ICO

Discoperi plans to invest heavily in enhancing the ability of System ‘Eye’ and allow drivers to manage and monetize their automotive data, yet we still want to save our independence and put drivers’ interests first, not big corporations’ desires.

In one of our articles, we explained why blockchain is vital for System ‘Eye’ and how this technology will help us process the unlimited amount of sensitive and confidential data while keeping it highly protected for every member of the ecosystem. However, we plan the development of our own blockchain specifically tailored for the automotive industry and a cloud-hosted Discoperi Ecosystem. Also, among our priorities are building NOCs(Network Operations Center) to manage the automotive ecosystem, creating a strong and active community fully in touch with Discoperi, and forming certain strategic partnerships with car manufacturers, auto OEMs, high tech giants, insurance companies, etc.

Learn more in our White Paper and don’t wait to join the most revolutionary drivers community that will change the automotive industry.

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