Discoperi partners up with Vareger. Details and insights

In early September Discoperi established a mutually beneficial partnership with Vareger, an international company, specialized in blockchain, web, mobile development and backend integration.

Vareger develops investors’ dashboard for Discoperi token sale event (DISC token sale). All processes will be accompanied by smart contracts, which confirms the subsequent accurate transactions in tokens and absolute security.

“We believe that a secure smart contract is an absolute must to have for our partners and contributors, thus we chose a very strong and reputable partner”, Alex Bondarenko, Founder & CEO of Discoperi. ”Also, there was a great amount of work done in developing DISC token usability and its implementation into Discoperi Ecosystem, Vareger also helped to strengthen our position in the crypto community. We are very glad to work with such a strong strategic partner, expand our community and contribute to the automotive revolution”.

About DISC token

DISC token is a ERC-20 utility token, issued by Discoperi during its Token sale. The token allows its owner to exchange it to a certain amount of products, services, and data within Discoperi ecosystem. Many products and services in the Discoperi Ecosystem will be exclusively sold with DISCs tokens, while others will maintain significant discounts. For example, DISC token is the only acceptable currency by Discoperi Ecosystem in the process of selling automotive data. Once 3rd party companies and organizations will be verified for Discoperi Ecosystem, you will also be able to purchase their products with tokens.

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