Discoperi: Use Cases

The problem of accidents related to road transport in the last decade has become particularly acute due to the incompatibility of road and transport infrastructure with the needs of society and the state in safe traffic. Discoperi project involves the development of a model device + software, which mixes advanced technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Big Data and AI.

Protect yourself, family and friends

Receive notifications when any risk is detected. System ‘Eye’ is installed on the windshield of a car, truck, motorcycle, etc. More than “just a camera”, it is a smart IoT device that is able to identify and parse data such as road situations, weather factors, vehicles characteristics and status, driving behavior. Upon capture, System ‘Eye’ transfers it to the cloud, adding new elements to the collective intelligence of the local community.

The device has such properties as a Full HD, a high-speed connection, (10+ Mbps), 3G/4G/5G and more. All these features allow it to get a full picture of what happens on the road and exact behavior of its participants.

Secure all important information with the blockchain. Data reliability is a crucial factor at every stage for System ‘Eye’. Data capturing, analyzing, sharing, alarming, storing and monetizing shall be sustainable and resilient from any internal and external vulnerabilities. A fast, secure and reliable blockchain is a must.

How System ‘Eye’ gets the data and monetizes it? Once the data is received by the cloud, there is a strong need to validate it. For example, to check if there are recent updates on stolen cars, etc. In case the system identifies the data from a vehicle as such that it has important insights, the cloud automatically requests from the vehicle additional information: photos and videos on the captured data. This data is then encrypted and sent to the cloud where it is stored. Later, this data may be used as a proof in a court and validation of exact records.

Improve your driving experience by sharing your driving performance to get better insurance premiums and cool promotions from the road services and partners. Another good thing about it is that you can get paid for the data supplied! Use your reward to buy products from our partners and services or exchange it into fiat currency.

For Driving Schools

The Discoperi project can also be useful for driving schools. Being a driving teacher, you can ramp up your students’ learning curve. Uncover hidden driving practices and traffic secrets for your students with a new AI-based analytical tool. Additionally, you can provide a remote support to your students. Be there when it’s needed!

Insurance companies

Protect your clients, employees, and assets. Discoperi transforms multiple industries which are heavily interlinked with the automotive sector such as Insurance Companies which gives a considerable value from being able to assess driving behaviors, and related discounts and rewards for safe drivers; or Fleet Management Companies — means autonomous fleet management which has the potential to become the biggest revenue pool in urban mobility.

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