Here are a few answers to common questions about Discoperi, our System 'Eye' technology, and our ICO. We encourage you to go through the materials, and if an answer to any of your questions is missing, please reach out to us on:

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When was Discoperi founded and incorporated?
Discoperi story has started on 25th of May 2016. Discoperi, Inc., a US-based daughter company, has been registered on July 7 2017. Discoperi Pte., a Singapore-based mother company, has been registered on 20th of July 2018.
What is Discoperi’s mission?
Our mission is to revolutionize the automotive industry. We can achieve our mission through making roads safer and bringing ownership on automotive data back to drivers.
Where are you physically located?
Our HQ is based in Madrid, Spain. Our development center is in Kiev, Ukraine.
Who are the members of Discoperi’s Executive team, and Board of Directors, and what are their credentials?
Information about the Executive team and Board of Directors, as well as their credentials, are available here.
How many people work for Discoperi full-time?
We currently have a staff of 20+ fulltime employees and advisors. Our team is growing fast, and we expect to double this number by the end of 2018.
I like to work for Discoperi. What can I do?
Great, please don’t waste time, and send your CV to
Is Discoperi part of any automotive company or any corporate alliance?
No, Discoperi is a fully independent for-profit organization.
What are the official communication channels used by Discoperi?
What are the official communication channels used by Discoperi?
We have several official channels:

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