How Does DISC Token Work And Why Buy It?

DISCs are Ethereum-based utility tokens emitted by Discoperi to launch and maintain our drivers’ community and infrastructure related to it. They will be the only payment medium in the ecosystem, and all transactions will be stored in the blockchain and executed with DISCs.

The DISC token will enable clear and transparent transactions between drivers who provide valuable data and those who need it and will provide means for paying for data, API access, and applications on the Discoperi platform.

The Value of DISC Token

As with the most tokens, DISC token will be evaluated by the same supply and demand laws of economics. If there’s an uncovered demand, the price rises, if the demand is lower than supply, the price falls.

Naturally, the more people, companies, organizations, and municipalities use System ‘Eye’ and other solutions provided by Discoperi, using DISC tokens, the higher demand is expected to be on DISC tokens. Together with the limited supply, it may be a factor for a long-term DISC token value advancement.

Thus, the value directly relates to the number of token users and can be somewhat predictable, depending on the stats, news and few other things, but the price remains naturally unpredictable, which adds in value for speculative traders.

So why buy it?

Discoperi’s vision can save millions of lives and billions of dollars, can turn over several industries and build a new giant piece of computational infrastructure spread over the whole world. Having a limited supply of DISC tokens, this makes them cost potentially thousands of times more than during the token sale, as the demand with such Discoperi’s achievements would be just phenomenal.

We have created a video guide to walk you through the process of purchasing the DISC tokens:

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