System ‘Eye’: First look at a smart IoT device that prevents car crashes

Last week, we have finally received a new prototype device for System ‘Eye’. As we expected, it looks neat and it’s hard to believe that a tiny device like ours can contain a powerful intelligent platform. Nevertheless, as you can see from the photo above, System ‘Eye’ looks just like a driving video recorder, although it’s so much more than that.

Many of our ambassadors and early adopters ask what exactly a smart System ‘Eye’ device will contain. So far, we can disclose only its major components.

System ‘Eye’ includes an 8 MP video camera that records the data while a car is on move and a super high-powered processor that could process, store and transfer the data to the cloud and share it across the ecosystem. instantly.


The device’s camera has a viewing angle of 120° and supports Full HDresolution (1920×1080) and 30 FPS (frame rate per second). To make it possible to store, share, and transfer the data across the community, we use 3G/4G/5G network connection protocols with a lightning speed of 150MB/s.

The processor unit is embedded with a complex end-to-end platform that is based on continuously evolving and self-learning AI algorithms and a big data analytics tool. Also, System ‘Eye’ contains a decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV), which means that all cars are connected in a single network and are able to exchange the data points among each-other. Thanks to our a fast short message protocol (FSMP), we can do that in a very organic and low cost way.

Discoperi Blockchain Protocol (DBP), which we build together with a prominent research institution (more details would come soon in our official press release) allows us to add to System ‘Eye’ a new functionality for automotive data monetization. A regular driver will get paid with our native DISC tokens for the important information he supplied to the System.and a blockchain-based network protocol. Thereby, a driver can make his trip safer, positively contribute to the community and make an extra buck.

Why do we combine all these technologies?

While the camera is recording everything that happens on a road, our intelligent system identifies and analyzes all events (speeding, parking) and participants (cars, bicycles, pedestrians). After incoming data is processed, the system predicts future events and alerts drivers. Multiple protocols allow drivers and third-party devices to collect and monetize data within the community. Based on bBlockchain allows our, our solution to eliminates the tiniest possibility of data manipulation, fraud or hiding.

System ‘Eye’ device has 45 mm in height, 55 mm in width and 70 mm in length. It weighs only 245 grams and can fit in a hand.


It will be shipped with a standard guarantee of 1 year, but there are no worries about its quality as we use the best durable materials and monitor manufacturers to keep up with the product requirements.

In the future, and we maintain these discussions already, smartphone manufacturers will supply devices powerful enough to deal with System ‘Eye’ strong requirements. Hence, a buyer will have a choice: to purchase a new device or a new powerful smartphone or both devices to enjoy the full user experience with System ‘Eye’.

No matter how good System ‘Eye’ looks now, we are still working on it and believe that there is always room for perfection. We keep testing and upgrading the system, its algorithms, and the hardware.

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