Top 5 reasons why startups participate in conferences

Tomorrow, Discoperi team will attend Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the world’s largest gathering of blockchain startups, experts, and enthusiasts. For us, it is an opportunity to showcase System ‘Eye’ to the participants and investors and discuss how we can improve our lives with the blockchain technology.

During 2018, we plan to participate in at least 10 events. You might ask what’s the point of spending the budget on traveling around the world, if we could invest it in the product development. However, for a startup at its early stage, it is critical to have an opportunity to showcase its product, meet like-minded people, receive feedback and share experience.

Our CEO Alex Bond (Alex Bondarenko) believes that startups should understand why they spend time on conferences:

“The only purpose to attend open and public events is getting funded. You’re too virgin to show up just for the sake of showing up. You’re not in the position where you can throw money (as most probably you’re far away from the revenue). Go there and attract funds. Be realistic with yourself.”

Here are our top 5 reasons to participate in events.

Pitch System ‘Eye’

Occasionally, we give a speech at different events and our CEO Alex Bondarenko shares our vision and values. Alex knows how to send the message and explain how System ‘Eye’ greatly changes the way we act on the roads and how we can monetize traffic data for ourselves instead of giving it away to car manufacturers.

Find investors

It is no secret that young startups constantly seek new investments, and we are no different. System ‘Eye’ is a complex high-tech platform that requires continuous developing of its evolving AI algorithmsbig data analytics tool, and enhancing a blockchain-based network protocol. Beyond that, our marketing activities grow exponentially as we want to get more people to know about the product.

Exchange experience

At conferences, we often meet founders of companies that have already been through all the stages of development and share their ups and downs. Although our team is a conglomerate of experienced soldiers, we still have a lot to learn. We can’t avoid all the mistakes on our way, but we can get prepared for a majority of them.


Being among the top prominent entrepreneurs, we have a chance to meet new potential partners, investors and recruit high-potential employees. Also, we strive to get in touch with media representatives and get discovered on various news channels to attract more followers and supporters. Hence, we make connections beforehand and set up meetings with journalists to discuss media opportunities and reveal more details on the product face-to-face.

Get inspired

One of the biggest challenges we experience so far is focusing on the road safety and technologies that can help us solve the current situation. It’s important to expand our boundaries and inspire the team with new sources and ideas every so often. Business events help us be aware of what’s going on in the world and find more enthusiasts who hold the same views as ours.

Our team along with Alex Bondarenko has already set up a few promising meetings with potential partners at DIBS that will be held at Atlantis the Palm — one of the most gorgeous places in UAE. Beside that, Alex will give a speech and talk about System ‘Eye’ sharing the story behind its creation with the blockchain community.

The conference is expected to host over 5000 delegates.

Don’t forget to book a meeting with Alex Bondarenko.

Can’t wait to meet you there and bring more news!

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