Why we are not afraid of competitors

We create a solution that has never been seen before. Get this: we offer an IoT device that is based on AI algorithms, big data analytics tool, blockchain, and a few more network protocols to connect all members in an ecosystem in the fastest and most secure way possible.
Breaking new ground always requires spending more time and resources on building a strategy, product development, educating the team, investors, and most importantly, the community. Hence, we decided to concentrate all energy on the strategy and the product rather than competitors racing.

We don’t compete, we cooperate

So far, there are no similar solutions that we know of that could compete with System ‘Eye’. However, our main purpose is to increase safety on the roads and reduce the number of car crashes. That’s why we constantly communicate with indirect competitors and find new market players to see how we can improve the product and people’s lives together.

Keep an eye on the market

Knowledge is power. It’s important to determine a circle of interests you could benefit from.
For us, it would be new automotive technologies (teen driver limitations, adaptive cruise control, rear-cross traffic alert), self-driving cars and how they strive to conquer the market, video recording devices, vehicle security systems.

The sky is the limit

Don’t chase the roadmap of your competitors. Imagine that one day the company you’re looking up to goes out of business, pivot to a different space or worse, goes bankrupt. Stick to your ideas, goals, plans, and perspectives. Otherwise, you will end up limiting your product to already existing solutions.

No time for complacency

Our roadmap speaks volumes. From this point of view, we don’t have time for fear of competition that can act not as an accelerator but as a real bottleneck. We plan to build a complex solution that could prevent car accidents and save lives on the roads by simply notifying drivers on potentially danger elements. Also, we are to offer traffic data monetization so that drivers could store and share their information which now is only accessible to car manufacturers.
That means we should put all our energy, time and efforts in evolving the platform. Our smart device has much to learn to make predictions faster and more accurate.

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