Are You A Driver? This Post Is For You!

Probably you’ve already read about the advantages of System ‘Eye’ before in our blog. It helps to prevent road accidents by analyzing the surrounding drivers’ behaviour and predicting the potentially hazardous situations on the road.

Sure enough, the benefits are obvious. By itself, System ‘Eye’ will save millions of lives, rebuild the automotive insurance industry, prevent spending billions of dollars on repairs, utilization and production of new cars, which will be beneficial even for the ecology. But what does System ‘Eye’ mean for you as a driver?

It pays you

The majority of System ‘Eye’s functions are built around collecting, processing, storing and accessing very large amounts of data. While some functions are performed inside of the device, lots of them still require some kind of infrastructure to run on. However, System ‘Eye’ is built using blockchain technology and becomes a part of that infrastructure by itself, and pays you for using your device.

All the collected and processed data can be requested by someone for analysis, and you get paid for taking part in it. Say you’ve seen a car accident and shot it on your System ‘Eye’ while driving next to it. The data your device has collected and processed is valuable for police and insurance companies, as it will show lots of details which will lead to understanding the accident, and you get paid for that data in DISC tokens.

That was only one of a hundred possible moments when you are contributing to someone and get paid. Apart from insurance companies and police, infrastructure owners can use System ‘Eye’ for collecting the road data and plan rebuilds and maintenance, local governments can use it while seeking for traffic calming or minimizing measures and so on. You provide all of it and get paid.

After the launch of our own Discoperi Blockchain Protocol, you will also be paid for supporting it with your device: becoming a node, or simply hosting or mining the transactions over it. All of it will be paid out in DISC tokens.

What are DISC tokens?

DISC tokens are the primary payment medium in the Discoperi infrastructure. For every valuable data you provide, smart contracts pay you instantly in DISC tokens.

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