System ‘Eye’ – a smart solution to reduce the number of fatal vehicle accidents

Discoperi, a leading startup in the automotive industry, has developed System ‘Eye’ an intelligent IoT device that can identify and prevent car collisions and significantly increase the safety of drivers and passengers.

Rates related to road traffic fatalities are frightening and the growing number of vehicles every year shows that the situation is not likely to be improved. Even the safest cars and experienced drivers cannot be saved from an accident. To fight this problem, Discoperi has created a smart device called System ‘Eye’ that scans roads and traffic, predicts possible turns of events and warns drivers about accidents.

The device is based on artificial intelligence, big data, the blockchain technology, and the decentralized network of connected vehicles, so that it could capture and transfer data to the cloud and share it across the community. System ‘Eye’ can recognize road conditions (location, road signs and lights, weather, traffic), vehicle credentials (type, brand, color, speed), and drivers’ behavior (speeding, breaking, overtaking, parking).

Discoperi CEO Alex Bondarenko says: “System ‘Eye’ can warn a driver that a car in front of him is driving dangerously fast and should be avoided. We built multiple protocols which allow drivers to benefit from the data collected by their own car and also from the other cars. More importantly, we designed a solution that is based on blockchain. That means there is no room for data manipulation, fraud or hiding. So far, there is no similar solution offered on the market.”

With this disruptive solution, Discoperi has already earned several awards being recognized at the Top-15 best Spanish startups at ICEX, the Top-20 automotive startups at Ford Motor Co, the Top-50 innovative startups at The New York Venture Summit, and more.

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