System 'Eye'

Cutting-edge innovation to make
your drive safer, collect and monetize
automotive data


  • Collect the data

    Absorb all sorts of important information from the outside of your car

  • Analyze

    Analyze the data to estimate the risk of your potential collision or damage

  • Alarm

    Inform you when the risk level is too high and collision is very likely

  • Monetize

    Sell specific data points to 3rd parties and earn extra money

  • Store

    Store all the important data points in a remote, secure and protected blockchain

  • Share

    Spread insights with others, who may also appear in danger, and fetch extra inputs for you

Use Cases

Protect yourself, family & friends

Receive notifications when any risk is detected. Secure all important information with a blockchain

Improve your driving experience

Share your driving performance to get better insurance premiums and cool promotions from the road services and partners

Get extra bucks

Get paid for the data supplied. Use your reward to buy our and our partners products and services or exchange it into fiat currency

Protect your clients and assets

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to protect your clients and offer them free driving skills improvement support, if needed

Get full transparency on road events

Get a full picture of what happens on the road with all the parties involved and proofs from multiple secure and unbiased sources

Improve your margins

Offer new packages with improved pricing based on your clients’ driving behavior

Protect your clients, employees and assets

Allow your clients to feel the highest security and comfort by leveraging cutting-edge accident prevention and routing system

Get transparency on your drivers behavior

Understand how your current or future drivers perform before they carry your precious clients or cargo

Manage your fleet effectively

Navigate your fleet in an easy, efficient and natural way by choosing the right model of coverage

Find the right driver for your car

Get feeling on the stranger’s typical road performance before you accept the deal of sharing your precious car

Charge based on driving performance

Implement new motivation and discount schemes to build your clients loyalty to the sky

Protect your reputation and property

Keep track on your car and be aware of any penalty and fine right away

Ramp up your students’ learning curve

Uncover hidden driving practices and traffic secrets for your students with a new AI-based analytical tool

Provide remote support

Be there when it’s needed: provide a remote support to your students

Get transparency on your instructors fit

Control the quality level of your instructors by constantly benchmarking them vs peers

Improve road safety

Lower number of road collisions and negative impact on social and economical environment in your region

Reduce greenhouse emission

Solve traffic and climate challenges through uncovering existent road inefficiencies and behavior patterns

Get a full real-time snapshot of your roads

Be the thought leader of your road quality and development by leveraging AI and blockchain-based cutting-edge analytical tools

Tech Specs

Device front view
Weight & Size 245g 55х45х70mm
Guarantee 1 year
Device top view
Video Resolution Full Hd (1920x1080) 30FPS
Network Conection 3G/4G/5G 150MB/s
Viewing Angle 120°

Note: Discoperi works to bring System 'Eye' to the regular smart phones without a need to buy any additional hardware


  • Blockchain


    Brand new blockchain for efficient and secure transactions

  • IoT for cars

    IoT for cars

    Opened for 3rd party apps and devices

  • FSMP


    Unique connectivity solution developed inhouse

  • AI


    Large expertise in Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Unique insights from large data sets analytics

  • Blockchain is a new way of structuring and processing data in a trust-less environment. Blockchain itself represents a list of blocks, which are linked and securely stored on multiple distributed computers. Discoperi Blockchain Protocol (DBP) was created as an automotive-pure blockchain, to allow execution of multiple IoT transactions in an easy, secure, transparent, cheap and scalable way.

  • IoT for cars is a concept, where a car is able to communicate with a driver in a “smarter” way, thus bringing him a unique knowledge and making his trip better and easier. For example, thanks to sensors, algorithms and protocols a regular vehicle may be able to assess its own performance and inform a driver about a need for a maintenance stop before the conditions of the car are critical. Discoperi developed System EYE product, which allows your regular car to make “smarter” with a simple usage of a small camera device and your smartphone.

  • Vehicle connectivity is a large space in automotive industry. Mainly because of the synergy, which may generate connected vehicles. For example, a car, which goes 1 km ahead of you, may provide you important notifications about the road ahead, collisions, potholes, etc. To address connectivity feature, Discoperi developed unique protocol called “Fast Short Message Protocol” (or FSMP), which allows cars communicate in a very easy and elegant way even if Internet connection is low.

  • Human brain is limited by nature. However, thanks multiple years of scientific development, human beings were able to create an artificial intelligence, which is much more advanced than the brain power of a man. Discoperi is fairly advance in this space, as our AI algorithms are able to recognize objects, including: roads, traffic lights, plate numbers, potholes, lanes, other cars, cars behavior, etc. And do it all with a preciseness in a time which is beyond human ability.

  • Many experts and futurologists believe automotive data will be the next oil in the future. In fact, we already have large volumes of data, but we are not able to get most of the insights out of it. And plus, there is a large misconception on who owns the data. To resolve this problem, Discoperi introduced System EYE to capture and analyze the data and DISC tokens and Discoperi Blockchain Protocol to enable monetization of the data in easy, secure, transparent and natural way. By doing so we also return ownership on the data back to drivers and thus allow them to control whom, when and what data they share and monetize


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