System "Eye"

EYE is a sophisticated system aimed at increasing road safety, through connecting vehicles by leveraging:

- Internet-of-things for cars
- Big data analytics
- Artificial intelligence


What is one of the main issues degrading health and safety of human beings? Traffic accidents. In 2015 alone, 1.3 million people died due to road traffic accidents. More than 50 million were injured. Unfortunately, today’s road system infrastructure isn’t as safe and secure as it should be.

Due to these concerns, we started asking:
• Why is this happening?
• Who is responsible?
• Why today’s modern road safety infrastructure cannot protect us?
• How can an average person protect his/her family from being injured through road traffic accidents?
Other issues to worry about are stolen cars and car robberies. There were more than 7.4 million cars that were stolen in 2015 alone.
Due to all these factors, the total cost to the global economy is estimated to be over $200 billion per year.


To deal with the problem, DISCOPERI created a solution. We developed System “Eye”. Eye is a video control system, and it encompasses artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and internet-of-things in cars.
In the basis of the system, we put driver-driver feedback principle.

We switched from controlling roads to connecting drivers. We developed a device with which we can collect data about other vehicles, identify them, and send the data online to the cloud. Once in the cloud, we are able to gather deep insights from other vehicles’ behavior and even predict accidents.


Eye system is able to conduct the following activities

Record and store data about current traffic situation from driving vehicles (speed 150+ mph)


Structure collected data, identify core vehicles’ dimensions (number, color, body, speed etc.) and transmit collected info to the central computer in the cloud via 2G/3G/4G & radio Internet


Analyze information points from all vehicles and capture cases of traffic violations, disruptive driving behavior, traffic accidents, find stolen cars, and predict potential traffic violations


Inform law enforcement authorities regarding traffic violations, provide exact placing of stolen cars, and call for emergency & rescue services in case of traffic accidents


Provide insurance companies with information on vehicles insured in order to leverage personalized client approach

Eye is only the first step towards truly smart machines. Future potential of Eye is limitless.

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We believe in mutually beneficial partnership. We partner with organizations that share similar views on business and social responsibility as we do. We care about our partners the same was as we care about ourselves.


DISCOPERI Inc. can bring extra value to your business. Thanks to our company's flagman system “Eye” your business can leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence, big data analytical tools and internet-of-things functional.

We bring individual solutions for our partners. Please take a look on benefits we generate for following industries:
• Insurance companies
• Taxi & self-driving cars services
• Logistics, postal & parcel services
• Media
• Security services
• Private road/property management
• Municipalities


We are always ready to consider potential investors to help us reach new horizons. We are always happy to meet and get in touch with potential investors. Today we seek $0.5 mm in order to start mass production, speed up market deployment and strengthen R&D potential.

Requirements for future investors:
• “Smart money”
• Networking opportunities
• Progressive mindset
• No compliance risks
• No bureaucracy

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