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Collect the data

Collect the data

Collect data with your current CCTV infrastructure



Generate much more insights from your data

Predict issues

Predict issues

Identify trends and predict possible outcomes from historical events

Find information fast

Find information fast

Spend less time to locate important data point

Lower the cost

Lower the cost

Improve profitability by lowering direct costs and number of road accidents

Maintain citizens’ privacy

Maintain citizens’ privacy

Generate insights while maintaining full compliance with GDPR rules and privacy

Use Cases

Protect safety of you and your family Protect safety of you and your family

Be aware when an accident is about to happen

Minimise traffic jams Minimise traffic jams

Find out in real time which route to ride

Improve efficiency of public transport Improve efficiency of public transport

Make public transport experience better

Predict emergency Predict emergency

Be informed when a problem is about to happen

Speed up search Speed up search

Find stolen vehicle, investigate criminal cases using best-in-class AI in seconds

Solve structural problems Solve structural problems

Leverage big data to find security improvement factors

Optimise traffic Optimise traffic

Identify root-causes on the road deadlocks

Decrease traffic accidents Decrease traffic accidents

Leverage driving patterns for making flows better

Model city evolution Model city evolution

Discover the potholes, road bottle-necks

Get insights Get insights

Discover how to increase throughput

Improve roads structurally Improve roads structurally

See how to make trip experience better

Improve performance of the roads Improve performance of the roads

Detect root-causes of structure problems

Reroute your trip Reroute your trip

Understand live road situation

Improve customer experience Improve customer experience

Service customers beyond their expectations

Make your car visible Make your car visible

Locate stolen or corporate vehicles

Tech Specs

Camera manufacturer Brand agnostic
GPU Nvidia
Video Stream 20+ per 1 server
Video Codecs H.264/H.265
Operating System Linux, Windows and Mac OS
Processing Speed 150+ FPS
Stream Live and archive
Protocols RTSP, RTP, MTP, etc.


Machine learning/AI

Machine learning/AI

Top Machine Learning with high speed and accuracy

Data processing

Data processing

Parallel streaming from multiple sources ability

Big Data

Big Data

Unique insights from large data sets analytics

We leverage the best-in-class knowledge for building our in-house ML and AI neural networks and protocols, test them under various critical conditions and deliver the optimal results.


Aside from accurate analysis of video streams, it is crucial to manage priorities, resolve critical workloads and optimise processing capacity in an efficient and scalable manner.


Having data collected from multiple sources enables generating in-depth insights on the topics related to traffic optimisation and structural improvement of the road infrastructure for making it ready for the future demands.


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