DISCOPERI Inc. is an early-stage technological startup-company, established in June 2016 and based in Madrid, Spain.
Every incredible venture starts with an idea and a group of enthusiasts able to pursue it. Established by a group of socially-oriented tech-enthusiasts: Oleksandr (Alex) Bondarenko, Oleksandr Balyszyn, Taras Pasternak, Dmitry Bazaliyskiy, Oleksandr Kolosov and Ilona Kurtseba. From the very first day the company aimed to create disruptive technology able to change the world and make it better for humanity. DISCOPERI main product is next generation road safety control system called «Eye».

our impact

DISCOPERI expects to generate such impact with its system “EYE”
- Save 300+ ths people lives p.a.
- Decrease number of car accidents by 25%
- Decrease number of people injured in car accidents by 15 mm people p.a.
- Increase efficiency of finding stolen cars from <10% to 50%+
- Decrease number of stolen cars by 20% (1.5 mm cars)
- Increase road safety perception index1 by 20 p.p.

1 Road safety perception index is calculated by DISCOPERI Inc. annually based on 20+ ths drivers research; dimension observed: perception of safety, parking habits, drivers’ ethics etc.

our history

April 2017 – We finished basic AI algorithms of our system EYE. We improved our technological team by another experienced AI scientist. We are able to identify road signs & pedestrians. We released our first promo video.

March 2017 - We participated in IE Startup Lab & won 2nd place in innovation award among 54 projects.

January 2017 – We further extended our team by star designer and film maker. We became approved Associate Member of Khube (KPMG Hub for entrepreneurs). We became approved project by EQT Ventures. We are able to identify cars.

November 2016 – Improved our traction towards better AI algorithms, further expanded our team, finished two product design conceptions, won startup competition.

September 2016 – First product prototype has been finished. Artificial intelligence education process has been started. Road safety perception index (RSPI) has been started its evaluation history.

August 2016 – The team has been fully staffed. Made decision to move HQ from Kiev, Ukraine to Madrid, Spain.

July 2016 – Design development process has been started. First interviews with future partners and perspective clients.

June 2016 – Group of enthusiasts started gathering. Road safety was chosen as a #1 priority where future company can bring difference and impact. R&D process has been started.

May 2016 – Oleksandr Bondarenko has very first idea of creating a company that aims to fight main global issues. Malaria and road safety were chosen as priority.

our values

We believe in three principles, which formed to be our core values
Dreaming big

When a person is inspired to do something – he or she can do anything. The dream is possible to be accomplished, otherwise we could not have it. Thus we let people do what they dream about and give them products, which will realize their dreams.

Working smart

We believe in personal efficiency. We know that every single day people with incredible talent, deep knowledge and great ideas enter high-tech industry in order to do things differently. We are like that ourselves. As we want to be the best in what we do – we need to be smart, efficient, conscious and work hard every day.

Feeling great

Great performer shall have a great fun. We want our workers and our clients live pervasive life. Families, kids and pets are always welcomed in our office and our hearts.

our team

Our team consists of high-level professionals with great experience in electronics, software development, design and business. We aim to recruit and retain exceptional professionals, who are ready to handle today's society challenges. Everyone who joined the team has the right attitude: we are the team who will change the tomorrow.

That’s why we took an ownership and stepped ahead.

Olexandr (Alex) Bondarenko
Oleksandr (Alex) Bondarenko
Chief Executive Officer

"I believe one needs to have a great will and persistence to not just a find a job or pursue an education, but to be able to dream of changing the world. Dream without aspiration is nothing, but instead thanks to personal aspiration and countless efforts it can transform to a multi-billionaire company. When there is no way out - success is only way forward."

Alex is a CEO of DISCOPERI from the company's origination in 2016. Prior DISCOPERI he worked in his own business, tried himself in retail and investment banks, and McKinsey& Co. Alex was awarder as the winner of “The best blogger” competition hosted by Russian Venture Company (Moscow, Russia) in 2012 & 2013 (1st and 2nd places respectively).

Alex fluently speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Alex is married and has a son.

Graduated from Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade in 2007 - MA in management, in 2006 – BA in management).

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Oleksandr Balyszyn
Oleksandr Balyszyn
Chief Software Developer

“I joined the project in order to bring my own part into innovational tech solutions development.”

Oleksandr is a back-end & web-developer, pro in database design and development, who has an experience in module scalable and sustainable web-oriented systems engineering. Prior DISCOPERI Oleksandr worked as a database architect and developer of web service for DISCOPERI client devices.

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Dmitriy Bazaliyskiy
Dmitriy Bazaliyskiy
Chief Device Engineer

"I joined a project, because saw in him a future help: for development of Tesla avto, for control above a transport, for constabulary departments.
Also the project DISCOPERI will bring in his fate in the experiments of development and control of artificial intelligence."

Dmitriy doing development of technical part and creation of artificial intelligence operation system(AIOS). Prior DISCOPERI Dmitro worked on developments of innovative devices in different application domains.
Got higher education in the Vinnytsia National Technical University.

Ivan Zhezhera
Ivan Zhezhera
AI Lead

"I joined the project because I believe we will make life safer."

Ivan worked for numerous of years in science in Electronics and Mechatronics Department National Aerospace University "KhAI", Mava Technologies. Particular in the field of AI and data recognition.
Graduated from Donetsk Educational Complex №1 in 2009, National Aerospace University, Kharkiv, Ukraine Department - Aircraft Control Systems in 2016.

Ivan joined Discoperi as an AI leader and will be working on developing and fine-tuning our AI algorithms and patterns.

Taras Pasternak
Taras Pasternak
Chief Designer

"I got involved in this large-scale project because I believe that technology is our future. It is not only going to be useful for the car owners, but will also save human lives. Moreover, it isl going to help me fulfil myself in the sphere of design and demostrate my own vision of product design to the world."

Taras brought on a table his elegant and unique sense of style and design. Prior DISCOPERI Taras worked for few years in graphic & web design, creating logos and development of holistic product conceptions for international clients.

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Yash Thakrar
Yash Thakrar
Chief Commercial Officer

"Discoperi’s goal is to push innovation to its limit and use state of the art technology to warn drivers of other dangerous drivers on the road. The company’s main focus is the end clients, which are everyday drivers like you and me. Our company will bring a great deal of change on the road, and eventually save thousands of lives. Making a difference for everyday people is what drew me to Discoperi."

Joaquín Marcos
Joaquín Marcos
Country Manager of Spain

"I joined Discoperi project because they are an amazing team with a clear goal: “Changing the world by reducing roads accidents by using the latest technology”."

Joaquín is responsible in Discoperi’s business in Spain. Initially he is going to manage the beginning pilot testing and expansion in the Spanish market.

Prior to Discoperi Joaquín has experience entrepreneurial sector launching his sport app Skilltaly, also he has experience in audit and in business consulting in companies like EY and Everis.

He has studied International Business Administration in Madrid, Paris and New York (E.B.S in Villanueva University - 2010) and holds two post graduate masters in corporate finance in I.E.B. in Madrid and LSE in London.

Maksym Surzhynskyi
Maksym Surzhynskyi
Head of investment relations

"The ultimate goal of our initiative is to make a significant and long-term contribution to road-safety throughout the world. We believe that road traffic accidents are not only about health, but also have social, economic and, as a result, political consequences, which negatively affect the sustainable development of countries and undermine the progress towards the achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals"

Mr. Surzhynskyi has more than ten years of progressive experience in analytics and GR, international relations and banking (supported one of the first IPOs in Ukrainian banking industry) as well as experience of cooperation with state bodies (incl. Parliament, Government, state administrations) and international institutions (IFC, OPIC, World Bank, EBRD, TEN-T, TRACECA, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency etc.). He holds PhD in Law and Master of Finance degrees. In addition to English, Mr. Surzhynskyi is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

Natalia Gorzov
Natalia Gorzov
Marketing Analyst

"I believe the project “EYE” will make a historical change on the way we perceive road traffic safety. It´s truly exciting to work on such an innovative solution to help to resolve one of the main global problem."

Natalia has been working in various roles in marketing and business development with world´s leading companies for over 8 years across EMEA and CAR markets. She is originally from Ukraine, holds a Master´s degree in Economics from Uzhgorod National University (2009). Currently is located and working in Spain.

Daria Gordiyuk
Daria Gordiyuk
Open CV/CL programmer

"I join to the project because my best wish is the developing robots system. And I can make it true in such place."

Daria takes position Open CV/CL programmer. She has an experience in CNN, Image processing, 3d Reconstruction from aerial imagery, developing Web-applications. She was graduated from University of customs and finance in Computer science and continue studing at the graduated school.

Vasyl'yev Valeriy
Valeriy Vasyl'yev
Android & iOS developer

“I have joined the project because I believe it will change the world for the better.”

Valeriy has been working on the systems of unmanned aerial vehicles' control and client application for the autopilot contact in MAVA Technologies.

Oleg Sheptickii
Oleg Sheptickii
Designer and Video Editor.

“I joined the project to help create a safely future.”

Oleg`s educational and career background has given him wide variety of skill sets, ranging from 2D and 3D design, print advertising and video editing.

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Olexandr Kolosov
Oleksandr Kolosov

“I believe that I can contribute in the development of technology which can help increase the security for the people.”

Oleksandr recently began his growth in the field of web development, which sparked his interest while working in the sphere of software testing. His interest and desires lay in the web development industry where he believes that he can achieve the best results possible.

Ilona Kurtseba
Ilona Kurtseba

“I truly believe that in addition to functionality, all things have to be attractive, to implement a certain idea and send internal messages of their creators. I took part in this project to try to make new technology unique, stylish, original and at the same time add some practicality and ergonomics to it. Also, it is a great opportunity to help people be useful by improving road safety for others.”

In the following project Ilona has developed sketches of the device, was engaged in searching for unique shapes, innovative solutions etc. Ilona is getting her Master’s degree in Architecture at Lviv Polytechnic National University. She is interested in various styles of modern art including industrial design.


Board Members, Mentors & Advisers

In order to create sustainable business model, we formed a pool of board members, advisors & mentors, who support and help us become a best-in-class company. Below we listed our current board members:

Gang Liang

Mr. Liang advices Discoperi Inc. with global best practices in lean software development. Thanks to his deep expertise in the field we were able to smoothly implement agile development process and frameworks and significantly increase efficiency of our R&D department.

Currently Mr. Liang works as a Senior Expert with McKinsey & Company. Prior that he worked as Senior Director of Software Engineering with AMD, Director of Software Engineering with Intel Corporation and VP with Marvell Semiconductor.

Mr. Liang has Ph.D., MS, EE diplomas Vanderbilt University (US) and BS in communication with Xi’an Jiaotong University (China).

Fernando Becerra Farelo

Fernando Becerra Farelo

Mr. Becerra supports Discoperi Inc. in questions, related to company growth, strategic direction and value creation. Thanks to his deep expertise in startups & innovations, we benefit from the best-in-class knowledge and real-life experience, obtained by Mr. Becerra in multiple startups during his career.

Currently Mr. Becerra occupies multiple roles in numerous of companies & investment funds (e.g. Managing Director at SSW Early Fund, Co-Founder & Chairman at Startup Academy Madrid, Partner & Member of the Board at Sinensis Seed Capital SCR, Associate Professor & Mentor at IE Business School, etc.).

Mr. Becerra has Master in Finance Direction from Universidad Europea de Madrid, MBA from Universitat Jaume I, and ADE from Universitat Jaume I (all – Spain).