Discoperi is looking for a consultant for its 2023/24 European grants applications

Discoperi has launched an open Call for proposals with the purpose to select the best consultant (both individual or a legal entity), who can help the company successfully apply for European funding with its new innovative project during 2023-24. 

The project details are confidential, yet it will enable cities to manage their traffic flows using best-in-class AI.

The Call for proposals was launched on the 1st of May, 2023 and is expected to stay active until the 1st of June, 2023. After the 1st of June, 2023 the pre-selected applicants will be interviewed. As a result of the Call, the company will select at least one independent consultant who will help the company in preparation for multiple applications within 2023/24. The specific terms will be agreed with the selected service provider. 

Interesting parties shall reach out to Discoperi using the official email address of the company: ceo at discoper dot com 

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