Discoperi issues NFTs to support Ukrainian refugees

Discoperi, an international AI-company with Ukrainian roots, is deeply disappointed by the war between Russia and Ukraine, started on February 24th, 2022. We hope that the conflict will be resolved soon and no more human lives will be taken away.

As a result of the first weeks of the war more than 3.5 million Ukrainian people became internal migrants and more than 2.0 million international refugees. Many of them lost their homes, belongings and hope in tomorrow.

Discoperi decided to step in to help refugees with the basic financial support. Basic financial support is a support, provided by Discoperi and its international partners through Discoperi (a single point of contact) with the ambition to cover financial needs for refugees in order to sustain for a period of 1-12 weeks. Such groups of products and services are allowed: food, housing, travel, telco, medications and other basic needs.

In order to raise funds for the refugee support program, Discoperi has decided to build best-in-class AI. This AI is capable of absorbing, analyzing and synthesizing the data about the Ukrainian war. Discoperi team was working on this AI since 2016 and now it is capable to generate the beautiful and ugly outputs simultaneously.

Discoperi team has fed the AI with carefully selected openly available data (both photos and videos) on the Russia-Ukraine war and as a result received a number uniquely generated images. These images then were grouped in buckets (16 images per single painting) and now are available as a digital art for sale in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The total of 2022 paintings will be generated. The paintings will be grouped in three collections: 1. War in Ukraine. Early days, 2. War in Ukraine. Way of warrior, 3. War in Ukraine. Le grande finale. Each of the collections will represent different stages of the war.

The items from the first collection “War in Ukraine. Early days” are available for purchase on Oceansea.io: https://opensea.io/collection/war-in-ukraine-early-days.

The proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be allocated to Ukrainian refugees support.

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