Discoperi aims to educate its partners

In order to successfully develop its market presence and respond to customers’ needs Discoperi has launched internal partners-only educational program on the CIS market. The purpose of the program is to provide required knowledge-based experience to the partner’s employees in respect to: installing, updating, servicing of Discoperi’s products in order to respond customers’ needs on the referent market with the highest level of accuracy and quality. 

First partner selected for the participation in the program was Engineering-Analytics LLC, a partner of Discoperi in Ukraine, whose employees spent time with Discoperi staff, tested and tried different City AI modules (e.g. police, traffic management, parking modules, etc.), gained experience on rolling out the solutions on different platforms and for different type of customers, and problem-solved on hypothetical situations (from the sales stage to the further after-sale support). As a result the team of Engineering-Analytics LLC has been granted multiple certificates and priceless experience. 

“It’s good that we share with our partners not only our products and benefits from nicely serving our customers, but also the knowledge about the technology and how the products may evolve in the future. This allows better customer experience for such an innovative products like City AI built on best-in-class AI.” – Alex Bondarenko, CEO of Discoperi.

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