Results of 2020

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! We wish your 2021 to be much better than 2020! Stay strong, safe, healthy and never give up! 

Apart from the wishes, it’s my honour to update you on our recent advancements at Discoperi, achieved in 2020:
* Built City AI product for stolen vehicle recognition and traffic calculation, behaviour analysis, etc. The beauty of City AI is that is leverages existing video content or stream to find a vehicle not based on plate numbers (as criminals may hide, replace or take them off), but based on the vehicle itself (make, model, generation, colour, etc.). The results are pretty amazing: the accuracy of our AI is 96%+, 3k+ vehicle models, which includes 99% of the world’s vehicles from 1980s, ability to smoothly integrate with any camera manufacturer (brand-agnostic), etc.

* Generated first revenues, by converting two pilots (we ran in 2019) into two paying customers (in Ukraine). In parallel, we started preparation for the entering other CIS markets (work-in-progress now). By the end of 2021 we forecast to step on at least one new country, plus further penetrate Ukrainian market. We also discover the need for our product in B2B segment

These were the two large parts of our success in 2020.
It tough year, but we managed to move forward.

Thank you,
My very best,
Alex Bondarenko,
Founder & CEO, Discoperi

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