Discoperi joined MTS 5G Center

Almere, Netherlands

Discoperi among other 11 startups has been selected to join MTS 5G Center in Moscow, Russia. Discoperi will elaborate a possibility of applying City AI product (in particular, for traffic management, stolen vehicles identification and traffic safety improvement, etc.) for the existing and new 5G infrastructure, deployed by MTS on its core markets: Russia, Armenia and Belorussia.

“We understand that the problems, which City AI helps to deal with, are worldwide known problems and absolute majority of municipalities face them. A smooth deployment of City AI product on a particular market is possible only if we have a strong local partner, who supports us and helps to build a lasting local presence. MTS is a perfect example of such a partner and we hope we would build a very productive cooperation” – Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi.

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