Discoperi issues NFTs to support Ukrainian refugees

Discoperi, an international AI-company with Ukrainian roots, is deeply disappointed by the war between Russia and Ukraine, started on February 24th, 2022. We hope that the conflict will be resolved soon and no more human lives will be taken away.

As a result of the first weeks of the war more than 3.5 million Ukrainian people became internal migrants and more than 2.0 million international refugees. Many of them lost their homes, belongings and hope in tomorrow.

Discoperi decided to step in to help refugees with the basic financial support. Basic financial support is a support, provided by Discoperi and its international partners through Discoperi (a single point of contact) with the ambition to cover financial needs for refugees in order to sustain for a period of 1-12 weeks. Such groups of products and services are allowed: food, housing, travel, telco, medications and other basic needs.

In order to raise funds for the refugee support program, Discoperi has decided to build best-in-class AI. This AI is capable of absorbing, analyzing and synthesizing the data about the Ukrainian war. Discoperi team was working on this AI since 2016 and now it is capable to generate the beautiful and ugly outputs simultaneously.

Discoperi team has fed the AI with carefully selected openly available data (both photos and videos) on the Russia-Ukraine war and as a result received a number uniquely generated images. These images then were grouped in buckets (16 images per single painting) and now are available as a digital art for sale in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The total of 2022 paintings will be generated. The paintings will be grouped in three collections: 1. War in Ukraine. Early days, 2. War in Ukraine. Way of warrior, 3. War in Ukraine. Le grande finale. Each of the collections will represent different stages of the war.

The items from the first collection “War in Ukraine. Early days” are available for purchase on Oceansea.io: https://opensea.io/collection/war-in-ukraine-early-days.

The proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be allocated to Ukrainian refugees support.

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Discoperi annual results 2021

Dear friends, 

Year 2021st is over now and we can submit a brief note about our annual results. I would be short this time. Last year we increased our business by providing access to more municipal agencies than ever. Thanks to our AI-based city management solutions “City AI” we covered such product verticals like: police, national security, road management, intelligent transportation system, parking solutions, etc. We increased our team by adding several tech fellows, who now brings more magic via Discoperi to the world. 

Although 2021st was a nice and productive year, 2022nd is reasonably expected to be radically better. Please reach out us if you have any questions. 

Alex Bondarenko, Founder & CEO, Discoperi

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Results of 2020

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! We wish your 2021 to be much better than 2020! Stay strong, safe, healthy and never give up! 

Apart from the wishes, it’s my honour to update you on our recent advancements at Discoperi, achieved in 2020:
* Built City AI product for stolen vehicle recognition and traffic calculation, behaviour analysis, etc. The beauty of City AI is that is leverages existing video content or stream to find a vehicle not based on plate numbers (as criminals may hide, replace or take them off), but based on the vehicle itself (make, model, generation, colour, etc.). The results are pretty amazing: the accuracy of our AI is 96%+, 3k+ vehicle models, which includes 99% of the world’s vehicles from 1980s, ability to smoothly integrate with any camera manufacturer (brand-agnostic), etc.

* Generated first revenues, by converting two pilots (we ran in 2019) into two paying customers (in Ukraine). In parallel, we started preparation for the entering other CIS markets (work-in-progress now). By the end of 2021 we forecast to step on at least one new country, plus further penetrate Ukrainian market. We also discover the need for our product in B2B segment

These were the two large parts of our success in 2020.
It tough year, but we managed to move forward.

Thank you,
My very best,
Alex Bondarenko,
Founder & CEO, Discoperi

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Discoperi steps on Ukrainian market

Kyiv, Ukraine

Discoperi steps on Ukrainian market with its product City AI. As a strategic step, Discoperi signed partnership with Engineering-Analytics LLC. – a prominent Ukrainian IT integrator. Discoperi aims to supply on the Ukrainian market City AI product module for police (City AI Police Module) and traffic management (City AI Traffic management Module). The software is crucial in stolen vehicle recognition, traffic analysis, traffic flows modelling, pedestrians analysis, etc.

Engineering-Analytics has been selected among other local players, due to its unique expertise in deployment sophisticated smart city solutions within the country and a large network of partners.

“We are proud to work with the best of the bests, and it is clearly the fact with EA. We hope together we will conquer the local market, deploying best-in-class AI, built by Discoperi, and generating enormous value added for end customers” – Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi.

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Discoperi becomes a member of Connected Mobility Hub

Madrid, Spain

Discoperi joined Connected Mobility Hub (Spain) with an ambition to contribute more actively to the mobility ecosystem and build strong lasting relations with members of the Hub (including automotive OEMs, car sharing operators, car rentals, delivery services, etc.). This step has been made as a part of the preparation for the market entry of its flagman product System Eye (schedules in 2020). Apart from that Discoperi plans to benefit from a direct line with the top mobility investors and participation in numerous mobility events, organized by Connected Mobility Hub.

“We know Connected Mobility Hub for several years now, and we are very impressed by the level of innovation ecosystem the Hub was able to built. We like the team and believe our membership will be mutually beneficial, both for the development of Discoperi and for further advancing mobility ecosystem to the new level” – Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi. 

Connected Mobility Hub (http://connectedmobilityhub.com) includes 100+ associated mobility startups, 70+ corporates (including Renault, Mapfre, VW, Telefonica, Correos, Airbus, Seat, Bosch, Kia, etc.) and 15 different mobility events per annum. 

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Ernst Hoestra, ex-Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam team, joins Discoperi as Interim-CFO

The winning team. Discoperi celebrates enrollment to Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam program, January 2019, Amsterdam. Left to right: Hans van Goor (CEO), Alex Bondarenko (Founder & Chairman), Ernst Hoestra (Interim-CFO)
The winning team. Discoperi celebrates enrollment to Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam program, January 2019, Amsterdam. Left to right: Hans van Goor (CEO), Alex Bondarenko (Founder & Chairman), Ernst Hoestra (Interim-CFO)

07.08.2019, Almere

Ernst Hoestra, ex-Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam, joins one of the alumnus of the program, Discoperi, as a part of its top-management team. Mr. Hoestra will occupy Interim-CFO position with the company and will help Discoperi to speed up its growth as well as market capitalization. Mr. Hoestra is an experienced professional with proven track-record in more than 25 years in logistics industry and investments. He is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with INSEAD.

“We are super happy to have Ernst with us. During our program experience with SBC, we had weekly touch-points, problem-solving, one-on-one sessions, etc. They were a great value and a pleasure for us. As the program is over, we felt we need Ernst to be with us on a constant basis. We are very pleased and happy that feels the same” – Hans van Goor, CEO of Discoperi B.V.

“Ernst is a great professional in business, commerce, marketing and finances. He is an angel investor & serial entrepreneur and was very supportive from the day one we met. And today we are super proud that someone like Ernst becomes a part of Discoperi and will help us in building a global market leader company”   Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi. 


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Discoperi visits CTAG at the 2nd Technical Boot Camp of the European Project Connected Car

Vigo, June 2019. Discoperi visits CTAG in its facility near Vigo, Spain for a week-long technical bootcamp. As a part of 18 winning startups of Impact Connected Car acceleration program, ran by ISDI and FundingBox, Discoperi shared its technical traction, exchanged views on future of connected cars, mobility, AI, etc. Alex Bondarenko described how System Eye is approaching the market and gaining technical progress.

Vigo is really a nice place to be. CTAG is a phenomenal player on the stage of R&D for automotive industry. We share lots of industry interests and focus areas. It’s a great learning as well as networking experience. Plus, it was a pleasure to see our old friends and corporate partners together again. Thanks a lot to organizers and ICCAR for having us. – Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman, Discoperi

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Discoperi successfully finished Startupbootcamp Commerce Acceleration program in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 30 May 2019Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, the leading global startup growth program organized its Commerce Accelerator Demo Day on the 28th of May 2019. Twelve startups, with founders from 9 different nationalities (Netherlands, Italy, UK, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, and Brazil amongst others), pitched the results of the three months of acceleration to an audience of 250 commerce experts, investors and corporate partners at the headquarters of Rabobank in Utrecht. So far, the startups already raised commitments of more than 1 million euro during the program.

The journey of the 12 teams started in February when they were selected out of 417 applicants worldwide from 51 countries. Throughout the program in Amsterdam, the teams were mentored by a network of leading executives and investors, and received support from Startupbootcamp Commerce program partners, such as AWS, PwC, America Today, Capgemini, Ingenico, Typeqast, and Rabobank, as well as exposure at the major conferences – The Next Web Amsterdam and VivaTech Paris.

Discoperi successfully finished the program. The final of the program was a Demo Day, where together with other 11 startups, participating in the program, Discoperi showcased its vision on automotive industry future and presented System Eye device. As a results of the performance, Discoperi received several requests from the leading international transportation groups and several tech partners.

Alex Bondarenko, Founder & Chairman of Discoperi, said about the program: “It has been a real pleasure and great value, obtained during the program. We managed to spur our business activity in the region and currently have 15 proof-of-concept planned for later this or beginning of the next year. We managed to build relationships with our future investors. SBC was very supportive and we highly recommend other startups to join it in the future.”

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Discoperi participated in Impact Connected Cars Accelerator Program

Madrid, March 2019. Discoperi participated in IMPACT Connected Car, acceleration led by ISDI and by FundingBox. Among other top selected startups, Discoperi presented its vision on automotive industry perspectives and showed up the way the company sees System Eye as a tool in solving main global safety challenges. A full week filled with mentorship, coaching, networking and best practices from the top mobility performers (among others, FIA, CTAG, Tuenti, Ontruck, etc.). The program will allow Discoperi to strengthen its technical expertise and proceed with System Eye release.

Alex Bondarenko, Founder  & CEO of Discoperi: “Impact Connected Car program is a unique initiative by European Commission, ISDI and FundingBox. The essence of the program is to get upgraded, especially from a technological perspective. This is super important for a product and technology-oriented startups in mobility space. We are very happy that Discoperi is a part of it”.

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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Selects Discoperi To Join Its Commerce Growth Accelerator

Amsterdam, January 31st, 2019. Discoperi, a startup company, which develops solutions in the field of machine learning, AI, big data and blockchain for automotive and advertising industries joins Startupbootcamp Commerce, the leading global startup and scaleup accelerator program focusing on commerce industry. Along with 11 other international startups, Discoperi will take part in its 2019 program in Amsterdam.

Discoperi has taken part in an intense screening process at Startupbootcamp Selection Days with 21 other international startups in front of mentors and partners and the Startupbootcamp managing team at PwC HQ in the Netherlands on 29th and 30th of January. Discoperi was chosen out of 400+ applications during a 4-month international scouting period when the startups went through a rigorous selection for their chance to join the next accelerator cohort. They will directly benefit from the strategic support of the corporate partners, industry leaders, mentors and investors of the program, and the Startupbootcamp network.

Discoperi will go through an intense 3-month acceleration program in Amsterdam that will start on 27th of February and will end with the Demo Day in front of hundreds of influencers, mentors, partners, and investors on 28th May 2019.

Ernst Hoestra, Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Commerce program, commented: “The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands is thriving, and we are happy to be bringing the 11 most promising commerce and transaction companies to Amsterdam to have them working directly with our team, corporate partners, mentors, and investors. Selected startups are operating on the verge of Logistics Solutions, Security & Fraud, AI, Data & Behavioral Analytics, Ad & Marketing Solutions, Sales Tech and Retail Tech industries. They will now have the opportunity to test, iterate and scale their ventures both locally and globally. We are glad to have Discoperi joining the program as well.

Alex Bondarenko, CEO of Discoperi: “We bring unique technologies for the automotive thanks to our “System Eye” and advertising fields, thanks to our unique and super-cool AI visual recognition tools. We shall not be satisfied with that. It’s just a beginning.”

About Startupbootcamp

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is an award-winning global network of industry-focused acceleration programs. With 20+ programs in Europe, Asia, North & South America, MENA & Africa, selected startups gain access to the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry. For more information visit: http://www.startupbootcamp.org

The selected 11 startups for Startupbootcamp Commerce program are:

Discoperi  (Ukraine) – Discoperi develops AI to solve main challenges in automotive, advertising, FMCG and insurance industries, by applying innovative recognition technology for image, voice and persons.

Eldurado (Germany) – Digitizing procurement processes for indirect goods with inorder – inorder maps all procurement processes simply, modularly and digitally.

Epiqur (Turkey) – Epiqur provides live streaming solutions with HQ audio by its integrated hardware and software.

FWDpay (Netherlands) –  Enabling others to transact via SMART Direct Debits.

High Profile Club (UK) –  A Tech PR platform that connects entrepreneurs with the media.

Paywith.glass (UK) – paywith.glass is a universal mobile payments platform meant to allow the world to utilize its money in any shape or form with any conceivable entry point or application.

Vimma (UK) – Vimma is an AI-enabled platform that allows marketers to use individual’s social media posts as high-performance social ads.

Ubique (Italy) – BIT DELIVERY – Anywhere, everywhere.

Waitrr (Singapore) – Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments platform that creates a seamless dining experience for guests and increases profitability for restaurant partners.

Weareeves (Netherlands) – The first social beauty network. Less filters and more honesty, share real beauty secrets with friends.

Stripo (USA) –  Drag-n-Drop and HTML email template builder for individuals, teams and SaaS.

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